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There are several online learning tools available to enhance an education and broaden a view of the world through mastery of a new language.

The Chickasaw language has been the primary language of the Chickasaw people for hundreds of years, passed down orally to new generations.

Thanks to today’s technology, this gift is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection.

Several programs and services have been put in place by the Chickasaw Nation to revitalize the language. The Chickasaw Nation offers many hands-on learning opportunities for students of all ages who wish to perfect their language skills in Chikashshanompa’ (the Chickasaw language).

Contact the language department at (580) 436-7272 or visit for more information.

Online language learning opportunities include:

Chickasaw Kids

Parents or guardians spending time at home to pursue a child’s learning need look no further than for a connection to the Chickasaw language and culture. is an interactive children’s site featuring history, culture, recipes, language, games and more.

On the website, you can print out coloring sheets of Chickasaw Nation landmarks, take a virtual tour of the Chickasaw White House, and meet Chickasaw Kids characters Nashoba, Ofi, and Pakali’.

Click on the “Kids” tab in the upper right corner to access Chickasaw language activities.

Basic Chickasaw Language App

The Chickasaw Language Basics app features hundreds of Chickasaw words, phrases, songs, and videos. The language is taught in recorded pronunciations grouped by themes and goals. Greetings, food, animals and technology are some of the lessons.

Chickasaw Language Basics can be downloaded for free at or accessible on an Android mobile device. To find the same tools with a web browser, a self-learning portal and a workbook are available online at

Rosetta Stone Chickasaw

A collaboration between the Chickasaw Nation and Rosetta Stone, the world leader in language learning software, offers interactive language lessons for speakers of all levels.

Developed in collaboration with native Chickasaw speakers, Rosetta Stone Chickasaw offers 120 lessons that allow you to study at your own pace and learn conversational Chickasaw phrases that can be incorporated into everyday life.

Users can access Rosetta Stone Chickasaw, a cloud-based program, via computer or mobile app for Android/Apple devices.

Rosetta Stone Chickasaw is now available for free to citizens of Chickasaw. Chickasaw Nation employees and the general public can purchase the app. If you’re new to Rosetta Stone Chickasaw, visit to register and begin your journey.


Chickasaw.TV has a channel dedicated to learning the Chickasaw language through lessons, songs, games, and stories. Visit the Chikashshanompa channel on Chickasaw.TV.

At Home Chickasaw Portal

Responsible distancing does not necessarily mean cultural distancing. For anyone looking to access an assortment of cultural courses and entertainment, the Chickasaw Nation has created a web portal. It is publicly available at

There, everyone can find an assortment of history lessons, language lessons, cooking guides, crafting instructions, games, and streaming documentaries.

The “Chickasaw Culture” section, for example, offers language lessons and discussion with Joshua Hinson, director of the Chickasaw Nation language department.

Patrick L. Williams